12/7/2017 – Pyramid Lake Truck in Water

SAR Staff, IMT, Hasty Team, and SVU responded to Pyramid Lake on the report of a truck submerged in the water, just off shore at the south end of Warriors Point. Before SAR personnel were on scene, it was determined that no one was in the vehicle, but undetermined if a subject could be outside of the truck. As SAR teams were about to start a shore search, a report came from some fishermen of a female subject walking on the beach at Spider Point. PLPD, Rangers, and SAR Staff responded to the location and determined that the subject was the owner of the truck. Focus was then turned to assisting Pyramid Lake in getting the truck out of the water. A tow truck was called, and a Hasty swimmer assisted in attaching the tow cable to he truck. The vehicle was removed from the water safely

12/6/2017 – Lost Hiker

SAR Staff, IMT, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the Whites Creek Trail parking area to search for a lost hiker. Cell phone ping coordinates were received from dispatch, and foot teams were able to locate her quickly. The subject was escorted down to staging and given a ride to her vehicle back at the Galena Visitor’s Center.

12/2/2017 – Back Country EMS

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and RAVEN began responding to the Golden Eagle Sports Complex area to locate an injured subject in the hills. Before SAR assets arrived, SFD located the subject. SAR assets were cancelled.

11/28/2017 – Stranded Motorist

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to Gerlach to locate a subject and stranded vehicle on the playa. The subject’s car was located 1.2 miles southeast of the 3 Mile entrance to the Black Rock, and the subject was transported out to the highway, then to Gerlach for the night.

11/27/2017 – Stranded UTV

SAR Staff and the SVU responded to Garson Rd. to assist a Washoe County Radio Shop tracked UTV that had broken down on the way to the Chimney Peak repeater site. The UTV was moved onto a trailer that was brought to the location and transported down to staging.