Monthly Archives: September 2017

9/18/2017 – Woodchuck Fire Evacuation

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to Dorokstar Park to conduct fire evacuation notices in the area of Plateau Rd., dealing with the advancing Woodchuck Fire. Due to the fire changing directions, the command post needed to be moved to Mayberry Park for the second half of the mission.

9/10/2017 – Injured Dirt Biker

SAR Staff and the SVU responded to a location inside the SVU patrol area on the report of an injured dirt biker. The subject had been escorted out of the area earlier in the day, but could not figure out how to get to Lemmon Valley on the dirt trails. He then had a chain break on his dirt bike, and started to walk cross-country with the machine. He finally succumbed to dehydration, and called 911. Coordinates provided by dispatch were spot on, and the subject was located by SVU personnel. He was transported down to a waiting ambulance at Lemmon and Pompe where he was checked, treated, and released to a parent.

9/9/2017 – Injured Mountain Biker

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, and WCSAR responded to the Tunnel Creek entrance to the Flume Trail on the report of an injured mountain biker. As teams were arriving at staging, NLTFPD made patient contact and transported him in a side x side down to a waiting ambulance.

9/3/2017 – Missing Subjects on a PWC

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR assisted PLTP and Rangers in locating two missing subjects on a PWC that had broken down on a trip from Warriors Beach to the Needles. An accompanying PWC left the two subjects to go call for help, but wind and waves pushed the subjects a number of miles toward the middle of the lake. Search teams checked the entire area around the Needles and the shoreline all the way back to Warriors without any success. One search boat decided to employ a strategy of starting at the approximate location of where they were last seen and traveling downwind. With the help of radar and Night Vision equipment, this technique worked. The subjects and PWC had drifted approximately five miles from where they were last seen. They were taken on board and the PWC was towed back to Pelican Dock.

9/2/2017 – Stranded UTV

SAR Staff and SVU responded to the N. Virginia entrance to Peavine to locate and assist two people that had incurred damage to their UTV while off-roading. The damage was severe enough to prevent any moving of the UTV, so the subjects and their gear were transported down to staging. The subjects were able to retrieve their UTV the following day.