Monthly Archives: March 2014

Recent Search – 3/30/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR were requested to assist Storey County in searching for three rock crawlers that had not returned from a trip to Bronco Canyon the previous day.  Teams staged at the Mira Loma pits on Alexander Lake Rd., taking two different routes into the area.  Search teams located the subjects in the canyon – two of the rock crawler rigs had broken down, so they had spent the night with hopes of repairing the vehicles the following day.  One of the subjects was taken back to staging, while the others, along with some assistance from fellow rock crawlers that arrived at the location, were going to fix the mechanical problems and drive the vehicles out.  While traveling back to staging, search teams came across a group of four wheelers who were working to extricate one of their own from a very deep water hole.  The jeep had slid down a small embankment into the water, and was almost completely submerged on the passenger side.  The search teams monitored the removal of the stuck vehicle, making sure they didn’t need more assistance from SAR.  The vehicle was finally removed from its location and all parties left the area.

Recent Search – 3/23/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU and WCSAR responded to the Jumbo Grade area to search for three subjects – two adults and a 1yo child that were stranded in a vehicle with two blown tires.  The cell phone coordinates showed the subjects being on the Aqueduct Road, which matched the description that were being given by the reporting party.  Search teams located the vehicle and transported the subjects back to staging.