Monthly Archives: December 2017

12/30/2017 – Pyramid Lake Boat in Distress

SAR Staff and the SVU responded to Pyramid Lake on the report of a boat in Dago Bay that was adrift with mechanical problems. M10 and M20 responded, and as SAR assets were arriving at the lake, the boat in distress solved whatever mechanical issues they were having and motored to Popcorn Beach. SAR assets returned to Reno.

12/27/2017 – Injured Hiker

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR were requested to respond to the Ballardini Ranch Trailhead for an EMS mission involving a hiker with an injured ankle. Initial SAR teams assisted TMFPD in locating and packaging the subject, then transporting her down to a waiting ambulance.

12/23/2017 – Lost Snowshoer

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to Sheeps Flat to locate a snowshoer that was disoriented and could not find their way back to where they parked. As information was learned, the snowshoer was on Chickadee Ridge, so SAR assets were going to be sent that way. Before that occurred, a friend of the subject located the subject and guided her back to the highway. SAR response was cancelled.

12/19/2017 – Stranded Vehicle

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to a staging location at the south end of Winnemucca Dry Lake Bed and SR447 to search for a subject that called 911 for help. He had been off-roading, and became stuck. Cell phone coordinates put him northwest of the Nightengale area, north of Coyote Canyon. Teams were provided coordinates from a cell phone ping. When teams arrived in the area, the subject was spotted due to his flashing a flashlight. Searchers needed to backtrack a bit and access his area on a different road. The subject was a bit cold since he had walked about 1/2 mile to a ridge so that he could get better cell phone reception, but no other medical problems were reported. The subject was transported back to staging and given a ride home by SAR Staff.

12/7/2017 – Pyramid Lake Truck in Water

SAR Staff, IMT, Hasty Team, and SVU responded to Pyramid Lake on the report of a truck submerged in the water, just off shore at the south end of Warriors Point. Before SAR personnel were on scene, it was determined that no one was in the vehicle, but undetermined if a subject could be outside of the truck. As SAR teams were about to start a shore search, a report came from some fishermen of a female subject walking on the beach at Spider Point. PLPD, Rangers, and SAR Staff responded to the location and determined that the subject was the owner of the truck. Focus was then turned to assisting Pyramid Lake in getting the truck out of the water. A tow truck was called, and a Hasty swimmer assisted in attaching the tow cable to he truck. The vehicle was removed from the water safely