Monthly Archives: November 2017

11/28/2017 – Stranded Motorist

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to Gerlach to locate a subject and stranded vehicle on the playa. The subject’s car was located 1.2 miles southeast of the 3 Mile entrance to the Black Rock, and the subject was transported out to the highway, then to Gerlach for the night.

11/27/2017 – Stranded UTV

SAR Staff and the SVU responded to Garson Rd. to assist a Washoe County Radio Shop tracked UTV that had broken down on the way to the Chimney Peak repeater site. The UTV was moved onto a trailer that was brought to the location and transported down to staging.

11/26/2017 – Boat in Distress at Pyramid Lake

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR began responding to Pyramid Lake on the report of a boat coming back from the Needles area and was encountering very rough water. They were not taking on water yet, but feared they would. As teams were en route, PLPD located the beached boat at Monument Rock with all passengers accounted for. They had pulled the boat fully up on shore and were bringing the trailer from Pelican to retrieve the boat. SAR response was cancelled.

11/25/2017 – Boat in Distress

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR were diverted from the Sand Harbor call for a second mission at Pyramid Lake. A small fishing boat was reported to be flashing a light toward shore in the Pelican Bay area. As teams were en route, PLPD located the boat at the Pelican Docks and determined that the boat was never in distress, but actually attempting to spot the dock with a flashlight. SAR response was cancelled.