Monthly Archives: April 2017

4/30/2017 – EMS callout on Hunter Creek Trail

The Hasty Team and RAVEN responded tot he Michael Thompson Trailhead to locate a subject with a leg injury that was non-ambulatory. Due to the distance from the trailhead, it was decided that a hoist mission was the safest for all involved. RAVEN picked up two Hasty hoist team members and flew to the coordinates given by the subject. The team members were hoisted down to the subject who was then packaged for a hoist pick-up. The subject and Hasty members were then flown back to the staging area where the subject was handed off to a REMSA ambulance.

4/30/2017 – Lost Hiker

SAR Staff, SVU, and WCSAR responded to two locations to search for a lost hiker on the Whites Creek/Jones Creek Trail (the Hasty Team had been redirected to a mission for an EMS on the Hunter Creek Trail). A foot team started from the Galena Creek Park area, while another team was transported in by the SVU to just before the wilderness area on the Whites Creek trail. A third foot team deployed to the area of the trail that goes to Dry Pond. The subject had called 911 stating he was lost (snow in the area does make the trail difficult to locate). He was told to stay where he was, which he did. The team from the Whites Creek side located the subject and escorted him down to the location of the side x sides for transport back to staging.

4/28/2017 – Rollover Accident

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the area of Bonham Ranch near the Smoke Creek Desert to assist Pyramid Lake Police and TMFPD on the report of a rollover accident that went into a pond with one person trapped inside. Upon arrival, the vehicle was fully submerged. Hasty divers entered the water and located the one person inside that had been reported to be inside. The subject was deceased. Hast divers extricated the subject from the vehicle and SAR teams assisted with the removal of the subject from the pond.

4/24/2017 – Stranded Subjects

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the Kings Row entrance to Peavine to search for two subjects in a vehicle that was stuck in a washout. Using the cell phone ping of the calling subject, SAR teams located the pair and the vehicle in a very precarious location. The two subjects were transported down to staging where they met a friend that drove one of them home. The other subject was transported home by SAR staff.

4/23/2017 – Missing/Stranded Subjects

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the area of Jungo Rd. between Empire and Gerlach for a SPOT activation approximately 24 miles east of SR447. Teams traveled to the coordinates provided by the SPOT information, and located a father, and his two young daughters that had been out exploring and taking pictures. The driver of the vehicle decided to drive a couple of miles up a dry creekbed, and got stuck in the sand. The subjects were transported back to staging, then transported to their residence in Fernley.