Monthly Archives: March 2017

3/29/2017 – Peavine Snow Survey #2

The SVU transported seven RFD personnel and one person from the USGS to the top of Peavine so that they could conduct a second snow survey of areas that drain into Silver Lake, which is currently encroaching on buildings in the Stead and Red Rock areas.

3/20/2017 – Missing Hiker

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the Sand Harbor area to search for a subject that had been missing for approximately six hours. The girlfriend and the missing subject became separated, and when she attempted to return to their vehicle, she became lost. A passing motorist located the female subject walking along SR28, and returned her to the vehicle. 911 was also called. When search teams arrived, they proceeded to check areas between the vehicle and Lake Tahoe in both directions. The missing subject was located about one hour after teams entered the area. He had fallen down a hillside and was wedged in a downed tree and rock debris. The subject also exhibited definite signs of hypothermia. EMS was requested and a low angle rope system was constructed to bring the subject up to the highway. Once this task was accomplished, he was transported by ambulance to a hospital.

3/17/2017 – Lemmon Valley Flood Assist

SAR Staff and Hasty Team responded to the Lemmon Valley area to assist Incident Command in locating and blocking various storm drains along Lemmon Drive so that the water that was being pumped from the flooded areas, back into Swan Lake, would not re-enter the flooded areas.

3/12/2017 – Missing ATV Rider

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the area of Axe Handle Road to search for a missing and overdue ATV rider. Teams were sent to the Moon Rocks area, Ironwood and Wilcox Ranch Road area, and the mountainous areas south and east of Axe Handle Road. RAVEN was also brought in to augment the search. As the night progressed, it was discovered that the subject did have a cell phone, although it was reported earlier that he did not. Cell phone pings showed the subject being in the hills southwest of the Walmart on SR445. RAVEN was able to locate the ATV, but not the subject. As SAR Staff was responding to the area, the subject was located at the corner of Queen Way and Farr Lane. After questioning, he was transported home.

3/11/2017 – Peavine Snow Survey

SAR Staff, Hasty, SVU, and WCSAR assisted the National Weather Service and FEMA in conducting snow surveys on the north side of Peavine. The goal was to ascertain how much water is in the snowpack that could cause additional problems to the flooding issues in Lemmon Valley.