Monthly Archives: October 2016

10/30/2016 – Multiple Boaters in Distress

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to Pyramid Lake on the report of multiple boats in distress due to an approaching storm. Ground based units were used to keep eyes on subjects while the Pyramid Lake Police boat was en route. Marine 10 and 20 were also en route. The PLPD boat was able to rescue five people from two boats and safely transport them back to Pelican Dock. SAR assets remained on scene to check for any empty boat trailers and to assist PLPD with trailering their boat.

10/29/2016 – ATV Accident

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, and SVU responded from the previous call near Nixon to assist Lyon County in searching for a subject that had been involved in an ATV accident and did not know where he was. As SAR teams arrived at the staging location at the Pilot truck stop, the subject was located by county deputies.

10/29/2016 – Missing/Endangered Subject

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR responded to an area near MM18 on SR447 to search for a 86yo subject whose vehicle was located off road, about 1/4 mile from the highway. Foot searchers began checking an area from the vehicle towards the highway, while RAVEN worked a circular pattern from the vehicle. RAVEN spotted the subject, deceased, approximately 1/4 mile away from the vehicle in an area that was not being searched by foot teams. The area was secured by SAR personnel.

10/29/2016 – Stranded Subjects

Hasty, RAVEN, and SVU responded to the Peavine access road to search for two subjects that were stranded in a vehicle near the top of Peavine. RAVEN located the vehicle, just off the road on a very steep drop off. They guided a Hasty vehicle to one of the subjects that was walking out. The Hasty vehicle then went to the vehicle location to assist the second person off the mountain.

10/26/2016 – Stranded Subjects

SAR Staff, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the entrance road to Trego from SR447 to search for two missing subjects in a VW van. A friend of the subjects had called to report them overdue, and the male subject had texted early in the morning that they had mechanical issues and he wouldn’t make it to work. Cell phone pings were vague at best, so one team was sent to an old mine area off of the road to Trego, with a second destination near the Black Rock Point area. The subjects were reported to be in the area to look for opals, so both of these areas were possible locations. Another team was sent to act as radio relay at the twelve mile entrance to the Black Rock, and the last team was headed to the Black Rock Point area from the twelve mile entrance. Not long after teams were deployed, and the first mine area on the Trego road had been checked, the radio relay team saw the subjects traveling across the Playa, appearing to come off of the Soldier Meadows Road. Teams were able to contact the subjects and learned that they had encountered mechanical issues the day before and had spent the night somewhere off of the Soldier Meadows Road. They were able to fix the problem and got themselves moving again.