Monthly Archives: June 2014

Recent Search – 6/30/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR responded on a mutual aid call to the Lahontan Reservoir area to assist Lyon County in searching for a horseback rider that did not come back from a ride.  He had taken two horses with him on Friday, but did not return on Sunday.  One of the horses arrived at the residence on Sunday evening.  A friend located the other horse and a saddle Monday morning.  Foot teams searched the immediate area around the location of the tethered horse, RAVEN searched the area from above, and ATV teams checked areas farther out from the location of the horse.  Late in the afternoon, RAVEN spotted the subject and guided foot and horse posse teams to the location.  The subject was deceased.

Recent EMS Callout – 6/29/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR assisted North Lake Tahoe Fire in locating a hiker in distress on the Mt. Rose trail, near the waterfall.  The subject was complaining of very sore hips and could not walk any further.  Teams accessed the site from both the trailhead entrance as well as the Relay Ridge Road entrance.  The subject declined Careflight transportation, so she was packaged in a stokes basket, placed on a litter wheel, and moved to an ambulance that was positioned at the area where the foot trail takes off from the Relay Ridge Road.  She was transported back to staging where she was taken to Reno by private vehicle.

Recent Water Rescue – 6/21/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, and SVU began responding to Pyramid Lake on the report of an adult and child being blown out into the lake in a boat that was disabled.  As teams were leaving Reno, Pyramid Lake SAR located the boat.

Recent Search – 6/21/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the dirt extension of Chimney Dr. to search for a missing, overdue target shooter.  Foot teams, 4×4’s, ATV’s, and RAVEN thoroughly searched the area.  The subject was located, deceased.

Recent Search – 6/19/14

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR initially responded to the corner of 7th St. and West McCarran Blvd. to search for a missing 17yo autistic subject that had last been seen a couple hours prior to the callout.  A Citifare bus driver had stated to authorities that he had dropped a subject off that matched her description at the 7-11 on the corner of 7th St. and McCarran.  Teams checked the businesses in that area that were still open, and searched local neighborhood streets.  When the bus driver was recontacted, and shown a picture of the subject, he said that he was wrong and the person he dropped off was not the subject.  The CP was then moved to the Community Center in Sun Valley where she was last seen.  As teams searched the neighborhood streets and the hills to the west, the subject was located at the Texaco on Red Rock Blvd.