Monthly Archives: February 2014

Recent EMS Search – 2/23/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR assisted NLTFPD in searching for a subject that had reportedly fallen 300′ down a steep slope in the backcountry, just southeast of the peak of Mt. Houghton.  Initially, the location of the subject was not very accurate, but with further investigation, and talking to the reporting party, a general location was used to direct RAVEN, foot teams, and NLTFPD snowmobiles.  After RAVEN picked up three medics at the summit parking lot, they were able to spot the subjects party at an elevation of approximately 10,000′.  RAVEN was able to drop off the medics within a short distance of the injured subject, and they determined that they could package the individual and transport him the short distance to RAVEN.  NLTFPD snowmobiles located the site as well.  The patient was packaged, transported to RAVEN, and flown to an awaiting ambulance at the Mt. Rose Summit parking lot.

Recent Search – 2/22/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR were requested by RPD to assist in searching for three juveniles in the Gould St./Stewart St. area that had been missing for approximately four hours.  As teams were about to leave staging, the subjects were located by RPD and brought back to their residence.

Recent Search – 2/15/2014

SAR Staff and Hasty Team responded to the Chrissie Caughlin Park to re-check that area of the Truckee River for a possible missing subject of a commercial burglary that entered the river while being pursued by police.  Again, negative results.

Recent Search – 2/14/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR began responding to the Sheep Flats area on the Mt. Rose Highway to search for lost snowshoers.  Before SAR arrival, deputies located the subjects on the highway.

Recent Search – 2/11/2014

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to Chrissie Caughlin Park to search the Truckee River and nearby areas from just above the West McCarran bridge, down to the Arlington Street bridge for a possible drowning or severely hypothermic victim that entered the river during a police chase during the nighttime hours.  Negative results.