News and Announcements

2/23/2018 – Mutual Aid Callout

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to SR208 and Foothill Rd. to assist Douglas County with extracting an out-of-bounds skier in the Motts Canyon area. The subject and a friend had become lost and were cold at approximately 1700hrs on Thursday, 2/23. Douglas County SAR located the subjects, but due to the rugged terrain and darkness, they requested a helicopter extraction. A helicopter from NAS Fallon made an attempt, but low clouds prevented an extraction. One of the subjects was able to walk out with the aid of SAR, but the second subject had medical issues that prevented him from doing the same. Douglas SAR stayed the night with the subject, keeping him warm and sheltered, with the hope that the clouds would lift in the morning. This was not the case. Washoe SAR was requested to assist with foot personnel and tracked side x sides. As teams were preparing to enter the area, the clouds lifted enough for NAS Fallon to extract the remaining subject. SAR members that were in the canyon walked down to staging.

2/22/2018 – Missing Dementia Patient

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR were requested to respond to the area of Oppio Park to assist Sparks PD in locating a missing dementia patient. The subject was located about .7 miles from his residence, approximately 45 minutes into the search. He was checked by a medic and released to his family.

2/5/2018 – Missing Hunters

SAR Staff, Air Squadron, Hasty Team, SVU, WCSAR, BLM, Forest Service, and Gerlach Deputies searched areas to the northwest and northeast of Gerlach in an attempt to locate two overdue subjects from California – a father and his 8yo son. The two subjects had gone chukar hunting, but gave a very vague description of where they may be going in that area to family members. Search teams were sent to the most likely locations as suggested by the wife of the subject. The Air Squadron spotted the vehicle in the Buckhorn Rd. area, and a short time later, the two subjects were located approximately 8 miles to the north near Buckhorn Rd. Forest Service personnel were first on scene, followed by a SAR team that was in that search area. The battery was dead on the subject’s vehicle, so a jump start was provided. No medical issues were reported.

2/3/2018 – Missing ATV Rider

SAR Staff, Hasty Team, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the Dry Valley OHV area, northwest of Pyramid Lake, to search for a missing/overdue ATV rider. The subject was riding an ATV and was last seen at around 7:00pm the previous evening. Numerous roads and trails were checked in the area, but nothing was located until a report of the subject being seen approximately 26 miles north of the camp location came in. A search team was redirected to that location and found the subject, who was completely lost and had no idea where he was. He was escorted back to his campsite.