SAR Staff, Hasty Team, RAVEN, SVU, and WCSAR responded to the Galena High School area on the report of an overdue jogger. The subject had gone running in the area behind Galena High School during his lunch break from a medical office. He did not return, had patients that were scheduled, so coworkers called 911. Ground teams began searching trails, roads, and gullies in the area to the south of Galena High School. A ground team located the subject, who had actually been on his mountain bike, injured in the middle of a dirt road in the hills above the school. Due to his injuries, Care Flight was requested, but was unable to land anywhere near the patient. RAVEN had also been requested due to this possibility and arrived on scene to hoist the subject. The subject was hoisted into the helicopter, flown to Galena High School, and transferred over to Care Flight.